Hey there.

I’m Natalie. I live in San Francisco, I draw cartoons, and I get migraines. No big deal, right? Lots of people get migraines. Maybe even you get migraines.

But not everyone is forced out of their dream job and into a hospital room by headaches at the age of 27. As such, I’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraine disorder and I remain to this day what most people would call “disabled,” though my uncle insists this is just “early retirement.” But I won’t split hairs over terminology, unless if you are the United States Social Security Administration or my insurance company.

What do you write about?

I mostly write (and sometimes draw) about the funny stuff that keeps me going from one headache to the next. While there may be the occasional complaint about being isolated or in pain or blah blah blah, I do my best to keep it light.

I’m not disabled/I don’t get migraines/I don’t even know what a migraine is. Should I still read your stuff?

I don’t actually write about migraines very often…that would get old quickly! I’m also told (perhaps out of pity) that my candor and sense of humor are generally appealing. So why don’t you stick around and give it a try?

Will you post every week?

Changing into a clean shirt once a week is a pretty big accomplishment for me. So, I don’t write on a schedule.

Great, anything else I should know?

My posts are not medical advice, nor am I seeking medical advice from you. But if you can’t resist reaching out to me with medical advice or other unsolicited suggestions, feel free. I just can’t promise that your recommendations won’t be quoted in a humorous context in the future.

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